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The Sexton's Tales Podcast

  In 1996, the first ever UK web awards ceremony, hosted at the British Academy of Film & Television Arts, recognised The Sexton's Tales web site and awarded it's creator the writer Emlyn Harris with "The UK's Best Personal Web site".

Detailing the lives and achievements of the extraordinary men and women whose mortal remains are interred in London's Highgate Cemetery, "The Sexton's Tales" web site, originally created in 1995 by Emlyn as a companion to his BBC Radio series, was at the time ground-breaking, providing listeners with regularly updated information about the series and it's stars and guest broadcasters.

Between 1995 & 1997, the BBC commissioned a total of nineteen half-hour episodes of Sexton's Tales, including two Christmas specials.
The last episode, "The Sexton's Pantomime Tale" aired on Christmas eve 1997.

Since then, the web site has been preserved in aspic and now, more than a decade after its creation, provides a unique insight into cutting-edge web site design circa 1995.

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